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The beginning...

The discs, the tapes, the Metal Magazines, the posters of their heroes, the first guitar and…

After years of oblivion (from 1988 to 1994), passed to write pieces without having a band, in 1995, the guitarist LGD (Luigi Guarino D.), forms the first and precarious formation of the ANGUISH FORCE, then known only as ANGUISH…
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Photo area updated

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Photo area updated! Here the link:
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NEW EP & Videoclip “Krampus” Now available!

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The 5 tracks maxi single "Krampus" is finally available. The label is the same of "Chapter 7", Dawn of Sadness, Also the video:
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New Album “Chapter 7”

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The cover of the new album is here. The official release date is September the 3th 2018. We also updated our website and check our line up gallery section! ----------------->…
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Partnership with Dawn of Sadness

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The new album of Anguish Force will be released by 'Dawn of Sadness' Label.